September 2023 Gallery Conversations

September 17, 2023 2:30 PM | Kelly Medrano (Administrator)

By Linda Flower and Brian Flaherty, Gallery Co-directors

Gallery Conversations “Experimental” September 2023

Curated by Linda Flowers and Brian Flaherty and judged by Annette Palmer, September's "Experimental" exhibit showcases 86 works by 46 WAS-H artists moving out of their comfort zones and pushing the boundaries of both form and content. 

Viewers are invited to embark on a journey through experimental experiences from each artist. From standard forms created in a non-standard way to pushing boundaries in the use of medium, the show arrays the richness and diversity of the creative spirit. For those unable to experience the gallery in person, the show can be viewed online at the WAS-H website here.

Judge Annette Palmer's personal artworks present experimental seascapes in a fusion of paint, textures and elements of collage. At the General Meeting, Annette presented a fascinating demonstration of experimental painting with found objects, ink (Quink) and spray bleach (Clorox Clean-up).



First Place - Ethical Entomology

Eleanor Buchan

Judge: "A very clever, quirky, fun piece. I love how the insects have been individually cut and mounted. Beautiful detail, very delicate, and cruelty free!”


Second Place - Cat's Cradle

Cheryl Evans

Judge: “Two pieces of very different shapes working together as one. Lots of detail and the head being the house. It makes me think of balance in both the composition and the life.” 


Third Place - Fantasy Garden

Laura Mossman

Judge: “Small but superb. Effects resembling marbling complimented by the lively brush strokes. The limited palette works very well.”




Erle Hoppe, "Grand Central Station”

Judge: “Incredible detail, with lovely areas of light."

Erik Sprohge, "Guardians"

Judge: “A very organic work. I love the structure added to the looseness of the pour, a marvelous palette.

Robin Avery, “A Walk through an Artists' Garden”

Judge: “Beautiful perspective, use of color and experimental patterns.” 


Reva Power, "Summer of 2023"

Judge: “Wonderful rendering of the barn with experimental techniques. I like the areas which have been blocked then overpainted” 




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