Each year WAS-H hosts two Major Workshops taught by nationally known artists in conjunction with the International Watermedia Exhibition (IWE) in March and the Annual Members Exhibit (AME) in October.  The visiting artist is also the juror and judge for the corresponding exhibit.

  Coming March 4, 5, 6 and 7, 2024  

Register HERE: Vlad Yeliseyev Major Workshop: MASTERING WATERCOLOR

Members $500

Nonmembers $550


   Vlad Yeliseyev

MASTERING WATERCOLOR – Mixing Color and Application Techniques

For advanced beginners up to advanced painters

In this engaging workshop, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the realm of watercolor painting and master various techniques. The focus will be on approaching complex scenery and capturing its essence without getting lost in excessive details. Through the exploration of mixing colors and a loose, bold brush style of painting, students will develop their ability to convey the character and atmosphere of a scene.

The workshop's philosophy draws inspiration from the world of poetry, where powerful messages are often conveyed through concise language. Similarly, the goal is to interpret the scenery in a loose impressionist style, using each brushstroke to make a significant impact on the viewer. Selectivity in the painting process will be emphasized, enabling students to prioritize certain details over others.

In addition, Vlad has developed specialized color mixing techniques tailored specifically for his students, ensuring that their journey into the world of fine arts is both enjoyable and effective. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn and explore:

- The technique of dividing existing landscapes into three focal planes, allowing the artist to tackle any subject matter effectively.

- How to employ different painting techniques for each focal plane, including wet-on-wet, dry brush, tone gradations, color mixing on rough surfaces, soft edges, and scratch outs. 

- The concept of the relationship between light and color, understanding how light influences the colors we perceive and how to effectively depict it in watercolor paintings.

- The translation of the physical properties of primary colors into watercolor mixing, enabling the artist to create a wide range of colors, capturing the essence of every possible shade found in the world.

- The study of light and shade, providing a deeper understanding of how to create depth, dimension, and various effects in watercolor paintings. 

- The skill of painting loosely and understanding when and why to utilize specific application techniques, as well as how to employ the power of unifying washes.

- The art of finishing paintings with intricate details while infusing them with dynamic brushwork.

- Techniques for using the sword liner brush to paint trees, branches, wires, poles, and other details requiring calligraphic precision. 

Above all, Vlad knows that it is not enough to be a good and knowledgeable teacher; it is also about a friendly and easygoing learning environment, which makes the process of going forward so much fun and brings excellent results regardless of all circumstances.

By the end of this workshop, students will have a solid foundation in watercolor techniques and a deeper understanding of how to create expressive and captivating paintings.

Vlad's suggested supply list

Here is the link to Vlad's suggested supplies -- 

Students can use what they already have in terms of other brands of paints etc. but need to follow general guidance on brushes, big mixing palette and rough paper (important !!!)  to benefit the most from the workshop. 


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