Gallery Conversations: April 2024

April 15, 2024 4:09 PM | Kelly Medrano (Administrator)

By Gallery Co-directors Brian Flaherty and Linda Flowers

The April 2024 Gallery paintings at the Watercolor Art Society of Houston (WAS-H) are an exploration of varying experiences. Curated by Linda Flowers and Brian Flaherty, this month's exhibition is opened wide for the artists to explore their untapped impressions and ideas.

Comprising a total of 85 artworks by 41 artists, the April Gallery offers a rich visual narrative that transports viewers into moments frozen in time.

Our judge for the August show was Julie Verville, a gallery owner (The Ardest Gallery), art collector, and art enthusiast, currently in The Woodlands.  

Pictured: Brian Flaherty, Julie Verville, and Linda Flowers.

First Place


Katie Steck

Judge's Comments: "I love the single pieces. This micro painting gets into so much detail in the tiny presentation. Incredible use of watercolor in the very small space. While looking very close, you see a depth and completeness of a regular size painting."

Second Place

"The Scrunchies"

Gail Plunkett

Judge's Comments: "My gallery is almost all contemporary. It's a fun interpretation of contemporary products in a creative design. One kind of scrunchies, just unconventional use of material and unconventional use of media presentation. It's fun and colorful."

Third Place 

"Blue Marsh"

Nan Wright

Judge's Comments: "I like how there's just one color, monotone. Very good use of skills with simplistic color. It’s hard to do and really beautiful."

Honorable Mentions

"Boot Scootin' - Pink Fluff"

Pamela Ferworn

"I selected this painting for its simplicity. Pink dress with the cowboy boots -- yes, it's just simplicity! The artist has a good mastery of the medium. I like the composition -- it shows restraint to do something very simple really well."

"Imperfect/Perfect Woman #67"

Linda Flowers

"I selected this one specifically because it's light and bright. It's fun, good use of the medium in a different way. While several pieces are in the show, I like this one the best of all - the imperfect is perfect!"


Maria Rodriguez-Aleja

"Very good use of colors, it's very bold! Shows restraint, didn't fill all the space up. Both her still lifes in the show are detailed and show interesting composition. I like her choices of color. Very pretty!"

"Nine Ladies Dancing"

Lorene Williams

 "I really love this piece! I like the use of dancing and structure. There's a lot of technique used with the depth of the watercolors and the ability to obviously draw, which is important. I appreciate the color, movement, and execution of design."

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