Gallery Conversations – February 2024

February 09, 2024 11:32 AM | Kelly Medrano (Administrator)

By Linda Flowers and Brian Flaherty, WAS-H Gallery Co-Directors

The February gallery show theme is “Love Is in the Air.”  We asked artists to paint the things they love, going beyond the typical Valentine’s Day expressions and bringing out a broader focus and vibe.

You’ll see many tender moments, including…

  • The depiction of love between mother and child, an older couple relaxing on a beautiful sunny day, and the love between brothers that is obvious to the observer.
  • Dogs, cats, and even a little frog prince jumped into the show reiterating their impact on our lives.
  • Best friends and grandchildren along with still life paintings adorn our gallery walls for an added spark of love.
  • One gallery wall is dedicated to florals! If you breathe in deep enough, you'll smell the flowers as you stroll through the exhibit.

Stop by the gallery and see the show. You may even find a special Valentine’s Day gift (for a loved one or yourself!), as several of the paintings in this exhibit are for sale. This show is sure to bring a smile to your face and touch your heart.

1st Place Winner

Linda Flowers

“Brothers...An Unbroken Bond”

Judges comments: You can feel the emotion in this work! The power of the two brothers embracing is complimented through a softly painted work. The contrast brings out the tactile emotion of the embrace.

2nd Place Winner

Adam Zhao

“Seasoned Tenderness”

Judge's comments: Very nice impressionistic quality brought about through small brushstroke and the use of color. Images show togetherness complimented with a lighter feeling. Areas of bright white combined with the background boost the lightness of the subjects.

3rd Place Winner

Katherine Rodgers

"Relationship Goals"

Judge's comments: Lots to take in! Release your eyes, allowing them to move around the composition finding interesting areas of focus.  Notice the different technics used to bring out the feel of fog, rain, and metal chairs. Lose yourself in the painting, let it transport you to a favorite place and time.

Honorable Mention

Robin Avery

"Perfectly Poised"

Judge's comments: Love the use of negative space to create the cat's image. Focusing on the dark background you see the creation of the cat’s image. Emotions showing through and brought out even more with the use of the light and dark qualities.

Honorable Mention

Judith Lutkus

"I Love...Nature Morte"

Judge’s comments: Oh the texture! Enjoy the minimalist quality of the composition and the way the objects are painted. Very nice color palette, the combinations of color in addition to the presence of light bring life to the painting.

Honorable Mention

Kay Salem

"Second Thoughts"

Judge’s comments: Love the painting of all the details in the painting (eyelashes, lace, etc.) Take time to get close and really investigate the nuances. The abstract background compliments the realistic image.

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