Gallery Conversations – January 2024

January 25, 2024 10:31 AM | Kelly Medrano (Administrator)

By Brian Flaherty and Linda Flowers, Gallery Co-directors

The month of January got off to a strong start at our first Gallery reception on Sunday, January 7. After the entertaining demo by outstanding artist Cheryl Evans, we went downstairs to get our first glimpse of the "Doors" show. There were 45 paintings, submitted by 28 artists. Our judge was Katherine Rodgers who shared her comments with us regarding her top picks. The winners, and the judge's words are shared below.

First Place - Cheryl Evans

“Acoma Pueblo - Door to the Ancestors”

Judge's comments: Embracing a lot of symbolism as doors do! Lots of texture, use of tissue to pull you in asking you to get closer. Stepping back -- you appreciate it, but when you get closer there is so much mark making and detail. The use of pure pigments hit the mark; the blue of the door leading in and repeated on either side, as well as the red above and below. Lots of repeating lines in same direction, faded but there. Your eye bounces around looking for more. Lights mixed with the color, very nice!


Second Place - Tamara Kontrimas

"Open Invitation"

Judge's Comments: Draws your eye due to the size of the canvas. Stepping back, you notice the restraint used in painting shadows and keeping it soft. Yellow brightens as the eye moves toward the door. Lots of texture in the door. I enjoyed the composition, where the door and ceiling are placed. The little rope. The repetition and patterns add to the interest. Wonderful job keeping the colors harmonious and subtle!

3rd Place - Kay Salem

"Amara's Door"

Judge's Comments: Kay did a beautiful job connecting the door and the child. A green split complementary palette links the child’s dress and the door.  Reminiscent of child listening at a parent's door, almost comedic? I enjoy the balance of shadow and bright light, specifically on the doorknob.


Honorable Mentions

Fontaine Jacobs

"Mi Casa"

Judge's Comments: I liked the pattern happening on both sides, with the center a little offset, and the darker blue value traveling up the painting. Warmth is coming through the stained glass and the reflection off the handles.

The composition was great, loved the reflections and texture. It makes one curious about what may reside on the other side.

Glenda Lipp

"Break on Through to the Other Side"

Judge's Comments: I liked the composition of the painting and loved the grid pattern across the top. I found it inviting to see the sky poking through.  I Enjoyed the texture and the ink usage, with purples added in the shadows. 

The dark areas pull your eyes into the painting and then you notice the scattered front.

Philip Weigand

"Mission San Jose"

Judge's Comments: I enjoyed the loose aspect of this painting, it almost has a sketch or illustrative feel. There is a nice composition across the building. It feels like high noon. Makes you wonder how old it is. I loved the loose greens and composition across the top. Draws your eye in then swirls it around the painting.

Looks like it was done on site, reminiscent of plein air style painting.




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