Gallery Conversations: July 2022, Student/Teacher Show

July 26, 2022 11:12 AM | Nancy Moody (Administrator)

1st place

Elizabeth Winslow, “Chinese Peony” 

Artist comments: “Watercolor done on rice paper. I have been doing Chinese watercolors for 8 years with my teacher Peihong Endris. This is done in the Gong-Bi style which is detailed as opposed to being in the spontaneous style.” 

Judge comments: “Lovely painting! Delicate colors, beautiful composition. Impressive painting! This would be a challenging painting on watercolor paper, but on rice paper—WOW! Incredible!” 


2nd place 

Josena Arquieta, “Black and White House” 

Artist comments: “I’ve been painting pictures of Montrose bungalows that are disappearing. This is a study in light and dark- parts of a class with Ed Pettit.”

Judge comments: “This painting grabbed by attention from across the room and kept my attention when I got close. The vacant porch allowed me to imagine who might be sitting there. Love the composition and values.” 


3rd place

Susan Bizzell, “Summer Day” 


Artist comments:  “This was my first experience with gouache. This is also the first time I've ever placed in a show! There were so many beautiful paintings, I am truly honored”

Judge comments: “I can feel the warmth! Colors are full of energy, yet there’s a calm resting place under the tree. This is a place I’d like to be.” 


Honorable Mention

Nancy Moody, “Mah Jongg Mayhem” 

Artist comments:  “The subject and composition of my painting stemmed from my other hobby that I love, the game of Mah Jongg.  The tumble of the die, tiles and even the snack bowl was randomly created, then photographed for this piece.  It was hand drawn using the grid method, then painted with mixed colors advised by Ellen Orseck and finishing touches suggested by Carla Gauthier.”  

Judge comments: “Excellent composition! It intrigued me that the artist left the roll of the 2nd dice to the viewer’s discretion. I assume it was a good roll since the tile “lucky” was shown.”  

Honorable Mention

Joyce Veneman, “Garden at Bayou Bend” 

Artist comments:  “I took this photo last year at Bayou Bend and decided it would great subject to paint. I am a traditional plein air watercolorist, but I had to rely on my photo for this painting. The painting has some detail in the statue, but I was able to be freer with the abstract background. Carla Gauthier gave me a few pointers on how to finish this piece”.

Judge comments: “This painting invited me in to enjoy the garden. I didn’t want to leave. So peaceful and beautiful.” 

Honorable Mention

Victoria Avalos, “Go Astros!” 

Artist comments:  “I painted this portrait in Dr. Mohammand Bhatti's portrait class last year.  The boy is the grandson of a friend who has on a Astros baseball cap. I wanted to learn more about the placement of facial features (such as ears, nose, etc.) in a portrait study.  This is a great class to start as a beginner or also advanced students too.  I enjoyed the class”. 

Judge comments: “I smiled when I saw this boy. His rosy cheeks told me he had been playing outside. His expression shows the wonder of a little boy—playful, happy, and possibly a little mischievous.” 

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