Stan Smith Bequest to WAS-H

October 01, 2021 9:53 AM | Ksenia Annis

by Jan McNeill – WAS-H Historian and Paint-in Coordinator

WAS-H was recently honored with a bequest from the estate of Stanley S Smith. Stan’s long involvement and love of WAS-H led to his very generous bequest that will benefit both the Annual Members Exhibit for the next 5 years as well as support the WASH Annual Fund.

For those of you less familiar with Stan, we thought we’d give you an overview of his life and his love of watercolor.

Stan Smith studied architecture, graduating in 1951 from the University of Oklahoma. Back then, well before computers were available, building designs were presented via drawings and watercolors. Thus, watercolor was an important part of Stan’s early career. Stan went on to enjoy a variety of architectural projects all over the world.

When Stan retired, he renewed his interest in watercolor. A workshop with renowned artist/instructor Edgar A Whitney greatly contributed to expanding his interest in watercolor. With his career in architecture and a love of sailboat racing and Texas bait shops, Stan’s favorite painting subjects were buildings, boats, and water. His winning paintings led to his becoming a WAS-H Elite Signature Member. See one of Stan’s paintings below:

Stan found many ways to contribute to the wellbeing of WAS-H. He was a key member of the original design committee for our wonderful and highly functional WAS-H building! His architecture background as well as experience as an active WASH member were invaluable to the committee. The committee was responsible for the funding, design, construction, and membership support of our new building.

Stan belonged to the GAS Group (Geriatric Art Society) – a group of some 20 men who would spend several days each year painting as a group. They would pick a place to meet somewhere in Texas to paint and enjoy each other’s company.

Stan enjoyed the company and love of WAS-H member Suzanne Leatherwood. Together, they devoted much time and effort to WAS-H, both as Board members for many years and in a variety of volunteer activities. Stan and Suzanne were recognized by the Board for their long and valuable service to WAS-H and named as Honorary Members.


  • October 05, 2021 7:47 PM | Bridgett Vallery (Administrator)
    Stan was a remarkable contributor to WASH. We have him to thank for the modern design of our building and the uniqueness of the staircase.
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    • October 07, 2021 8:00 AM | Robin Avery
      Was-h would not have this beautiful building
      If not for a handful of insightful determined
      People . One of those artists was Stan.
      Along with Suzanne they worked in tangent
      For many years. Their love for Was-h was evident from the beautiful flowers in the outside beds to the executive receptions
      Suzanne planned besides the amazing was-h building.
      I miss them everytime I enter the doors
      As well as others whose paintings and lives
      Added to the tapestry of Was-h.
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