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WAS-H’s mission is to provide the best possible water-media education for all our students and faculty.  To this end we have established a set of classroom etiquette guidelines to ensure faculty and students can teach and learn in a supportive, peaceful environment, free of disruption.

Classroom Etiquette Guidelines:

  • Arrive prior to the start of your class to set up before class starts.  Late arrivers should take extra care to set up quietly in the back, so they don’t interrupt the class.
  • Minimize talking during class, especially while the instructor is speaking.  Loud or excessive talking is not appropriate during class.
  • All phone conversations should be taken outside.  If you need to answer a call, quietly excuse yourself and go downstairs.
  • All other noises should be minimized during class.  Other noises that disrupt the class such as persistent coughing would be included.
  • Never interrupt the instructor during her/his presentation.  Hold your questions/comments until the appropriate time or talk to the instructor after class

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