The annual International Watermedia Exhibition (IWE) is Houston's premier watermedia event, showcasing the excellence of artists from around the world in the Watercolor Art Society - Houston gallery located in Houston's popular Museum District.  For more than forty-five years, this globally recognized competition has attracted artists from as far away as China and India, and the corresponding exhibit has been a staple in the art community attended by art collectors and enthusiasts.  Entries selected by a renowned juror and judge receive maximal exposure in a month-long, open-to-the-public gallery exhibit as well as an online exhibit that lasts through the end of the year.  Additionally, participants have opportunity to win substantial cash awards. 

The 46th International Watermedia Exhibition -- March 5 - 30, 2023 

The 46th International Watermedia Exhibition will showcase artistic excellence of global participants at the WAS-H Gallery inside its Jack Bowen Building, and winners will be awarded over $10,000 in cash prizes.  Entry closed January 13th for this event, with 183 artists submitting 358 paintings for consideration.  Acclaimed watercolor artist, Brenda Swenson, is serving as juror and judge.  A Signature Artist in WW, NWWS, SDWS and CWA, Swenson's art has been featured in several volumes of "Splash: Best of Watercolor", "Watercolor Artist", "Watercolor Magazine", "Watercolor Highlights", "Plein Air Magazine" and numerous other publications.  She is the author of two books and an active participant in the arts community as 1st Vice-President of the California Art Club, as well as having served on the board of directors for the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West.

View the Prospectus at this link:   Prospectus for 46th Annual IWE 

The 45th International Watermedia Exhibition -- March 2022

45th Annual Slide Show

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See the award winners below.

The IWE Digital Catalogues are also at the bottom of this page.  The catalogues include all the accepted entries into the show.

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45th International Watermedia Exhibition Winners

FIrst Place Award

Annell Livingston, Fragments, Geometry and Change #208

Second Place Award
Cindy Brace-King, Unraveled

Third Place Award
Jennifer Martin, Held

Margaret Scott Bock AWARD

Chris Krupinski, Cuppa Lemon

Board of Directors Award

Ellen Sudzina, 4 on Duty

Odette Ruben Memorial Award
Dean Mitchell, Reservation Relic

Jack Bowen Award

Xiaochang Zhang, Busting

Art Supply on Almeda Award
Cheryl Evans, Acoma Pueble Memories

Art Supply on Almeda Award

Kathleen Conniver, Breaking Through

Jack Richeson AWARD

Carla Gauthier, Afternoon Walk

QOR Supply Award
Ken Call, Imagine

Ampersand Award
Marilynne Bradley, Structure of Steel

Holbien Award
Louise Lachance, Quietude

Honorable Mention

Kathy Simon-McDonald, The Chalk Artist IX

Honorable Mention

Bev Jozwiak, Street Fair Choir

Erhu Zhang, The Old Town

Dennis Albetski, New Bonnet

Anne Hightower-Patterson, Rockin' View

E. Stoddard, Illumination II

Honorable Mention
Z. Feng, Winter Forest

Honorable Mention
Leslie McDonad Jr., Farmers' Market

Honorable Mention
Lisa Tennant, Andy's Drive-In

Honorable Mention
Kathleen Mooney, New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms

Summary of 45th International Watermedia Exhibition Winners

First Place: Annell Livingston, Fragments Geometry and Change  #208

Second Place: Cindy Brabec-King, Unraveled

Third Place: Jennifer Martin, Held

Odette Rubin Award: Dean Mitchell, Reservation Relic 

Jack Bowen Award: Xiaochang Zhang, Busting

Margaret Bock Award: Chris Krupinski, Cuppa Lemon 

Board of Directors: Eileen Sudzina 4 On Duty

Honorable Mentions

  • Kathy Simon-McDonald, The Chalk Artist IX
  • Bev Jozwiak, Street Fair Choir
  • Anne Hightower-Patterson, Rockin’ View
  • Dennis Albetski, New Bonnet
  • E. Stoddard, Illumination II
  • Erhu Zhang, The Old Town
  • Lisa Tennant, Andy's Drive-In
  • Leslie McDonald Jr, Farmers' Market
  • Kathleen Mooney, New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms
  • Z. Feng, Winter Forest

Art Supply on Almeda Awards

  • Cheryl Evans, Acoma Pueblo Memories
  • Kathleen Conover, Breaking Through

Jack Richeson Award: Carla Gauthier, Afternoon Walk

QOR Award: Ken Call, Imagine

Ampersand Award: Marilynne Bradley, Structure of Steel

Holbien Award: Louise Lachance, Quietude

IWE Catalogs

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