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VIRTUAL - Intro to Nonrepresentational Painting/Collage in Acrylic

  • August 31, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • WAS-H Virtual Meeting Room
  • 21


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VIRTUAL - Intro to Nonrepresentational Painting/Collage in Acrylic
Susan Giannantonio

August 31

1:00-4:00pm Central


(Rescheduled from August 10)

Image: Release

This class will first explore and apply some important design rules.  Secondly we will put those aside (mostly) and have a blast!  Plan for a very busy afternoon. If you’ve always wanted to play with your paints and see what comes out the other end of your brush, join us. It is an exciting way to paint.

  1. Creating Strong Design
  2. Elements/Textures
    1. Making elements
    2. Interesting tools, marks
  3. Begin to let go and have fun!

Note: Please note that registration will close August 29 at noon central time. Please register early.

More details:  www.susangiannantonio.com

Supply List

12 to 15 sheets watercolor paper or canvas approx. 9 x 12”

Newsprint, printer paper and/or tissue paper.  Newsprint may have print on it.

1 to 2” CHEAP hardware brush or paintbrush that will become partially ruined with mat medium

At least 5 favorite colors acrylic paint.  You may work with acrylics of any kind (inks, fluid, heavy body, etc.)

White gesso or white acrylic  paint

Mat Medium (any brand)

Palette, Styrofoam plates, plastic disposable pan, etc. for paint

Spray water bottle

Magazines, sales flyers, catalogues to cut up

Index cards or Card stock cut to index card size


Water bucket

Terry towels or paper towels


Markers, inktense pencils, caran d’ache, oil pastels, any medium you’d like to experiment with  

If you haven’t painted/collaged with acrylics before, you might want to cover your work space and wear clothing so you can a little get messy. That’s part of the fun.

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