Sharing a Good Quote

April 25, 2020 12:02 PM | Ksenia Annis (Administrator)

by Jan McNeill
WAS-H Paint-in Co-Coordinator and Past President

The Painter's Key, a twice weekly art newsletter, recently had a thoughtful quote that I thought worthy of sharing with our WAS-H members:

Alone and Together (by Sara Genn)
...we need to learn in all kinds of ways — including by watching our mentors. Stumbling around in the dark, alone forever will take us only so far. Communities like masters programs, painting clubs and workshops produce artists that speak to the value of their tribe and the experiences gained in the presence of a collective. And so, what to do while we wait to be together?

If you ’re intrigued, I encourage you to check out this link for the free newsletter.

The above comments about learning from communities and painting clubs really made me think of WAS-H. I have learned much in the past 20+ years that I ’ve been taking classes, attending workshops, sitting in monthly live demonstrations, and going on painting excursions. I know I would not have come this far without those wonderful opportunities. 

Yes, we are eager to get back together after this time of Covid-19 virus and social distancing!   And in the meantime, we are painting when we can and connecting with our painting friends.  

In anticipation, I have already renewed my annual membership with WAS-H, how about you??

Stay Safe!

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