Art on the Go: April 2020

March 27, 2020 11:42 AM | Ksenia Annis

Art on the Go in Mexico

by Jan McNeill

Sometimes we just want uninterrupted time to paint! I recently found a place to do just that and it was also combined with some wonderful plein air experiences and a great workshop instructor.

The workshop was at Casa de los Artistas, a 3 story artist retreat tucked away in the small fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan just south of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The 3rd floor was a covered open air studio. What’s not to like with a soft breeze to keep me cool and a beautiful view of the village cross the small river?! The fishing boats and flock of pelicans were an enjoyable distraction when I looked up from my painting efforts! The workshop instructor Frank Eber of Paso Robles CA ( gave daily demos both in the studio and on location. I greatly admired his style of conveying atmosphere and mystery.

I tried to “stay in the moment” on the various plein air excursions. A secluded Pacific Ocean beach, beautiful botanical gardens complete with twittering birds and a delightful breeze on the covered patio, icy cold lemonade in the courtyard of an open air restaurant. The sights and sounds along with some simple sketches and tons of photos provided wonderful memories and images for my painting inspiration back in Houston.

As our WASH “Art on the Go” mentor Shirl Riccetti is fond to say, “Carpe Diem”!!

Below are some photos from my experience.

Beach side dinner view:

View from my painting table for the week:

Open Air demo by workshop instructor Frank Eber:

Plein air beach excursion:

Fishing boats of Boca de Tomatlan:

One of the ubiquitous Tomatlan roosters:

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