August 2023 Gallery Conversations

August 13, 2023 10:42 AM | Kelly Medrano (Administrator)

By Linda Flowers and Brian Flaherty, Gallery Co-directors

The August 2023 Gallery paintings at the Watercolor Art Society of Houston (WAS-H) are a captivating exploration of the diverse facets of human connections and experiences. Curated by Linda Flowers and Brian Flaherty, this month's exhibition sheds light on the multifaceted concept of "People," moving beyond conventional portraiture and nudes to encompass a vibrant tapestry of emotions, relationships, dreams, and distant landscapes.

Comprising a total of 64 artworks by 37 artists, the August Gallery offers a rich visual narrative that transports viewers into moments frozen in time. The theme of human interactions is eloquently captured through vivid strokes, colors, and textures encompassing the spectrum of artistic styles.

Our judge was Leslie Cuenca, an accomplished artist, yoga and dance instructor, hailing from Havana, Cuba, and currently residing in Houston. With a background encompassing art, architecture, theology, and liberal arts studies in Italy, Leslie's creative journey is as diverse as her talents. As a professional dancer specializing in Latin dances and belly dance, as well as a dedicated yoga practitioner, Leslie shares her expertise as an art teacher across Houston's venues. Notably, she teaches at the University of St. Thomas, The Art League of Houston, HBU, and the YMCA. Discover Leslie's remarkable work at Cothren Contemporary.

Brian Flaherty, Leslie Cuenca and Linda Flowers

For those unable to experience the gallery in person, the virtual platform offered on the WAS-H website ensures accessibility to many of the captivating works of art in this month's show. To see the online show, click Online Gallery

The Watercolor Art Society - Houston invites its viewers to embark on a journey through the intricacies of human existence. From vibrant depictions of relationships and dreams to the allure of distant landscapes, this exhibition encapsulates the essence of the human experience in all its diversity and vibrancy. Whether one has the opportunity to walk through the gallery's physical space or explore the virtual exhibit, the August Gallery will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark, reminding us of the power of art to unite, inspire, and reflect the myriad facets of our shared journey.




First Place - Rusty Tumbles, Rodeo Clown

Karen Hamilton

Judge: "The expression, colors and textures are exquisite. The subject of the rodeo clown resonates in the heart of every Houstonian. This is a culminating figure in our society. He is a hero, entertainer, police and fireman all in one; putting himself on the front lines to help others. His expression captures the grit and heart behind his endeavor.”

Second Place - Mr DG

Adam Zhao

Judge: “I love the use of negative space in this painting, it flows. The figure is painted beautifully and the perspective of the hand and cane in the foreground is very well done giving this figure a dignified yet natural stature.” 

Third Place - He Want To Give It To You

Erik Sprohge 

Judge: “The emotional quality in the two little figures is charming. The artist really captures the essence, purity and innocence of childhood through the figure's expression. The attention to detail is so delicate and sweet and the flower in the foreground pops with light.”




Kay Salem

“Jett Fusion Of Light”

Judge: The attention to detail in this painting is exquisite. You can tell the subject is a real musician because the fingers are placed correctly across the guitar chords, like he is really playing a tune. The lines for the chords, guitar strings and the subject's hair are very well done, as well as the use of shadow and light. 


Carol Rensink

“Disaster at the Watering Hole”

Judge: “The flow in this painting is striking. I love the position of the figures in different directions, the anatomical movement is capturing. I also love the flow of the ink between the figures, from a distance creating a very modern and decorative abstract composition that is very well balanced.”


Naomi Rosborough

" We Don't Do That”

Judge: “The lines and use of mixed media in this painting are very well done and very expressive. I love the use of color in just the right areas to give this face a lot of personality."


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