Workshop Coordinator Position

December 31, 2022 2:50 PM | Nancy Moody (Administrator)

One last seat is available in the Swenson Major Workshop . . .

Did you want to attend the March 2023 Major Workshop with Brenda Swenson but found to your disappointment that the Workshop was fully enrolled?  In exchange for serving as Workshop Coordinator, you would be compensated with a complimentary seat in the Workshop.* 

The Workshop Coordinator plans and carries out the logistics of the Workshop, which requires time and effort before, during and after the Workshop.

The Workshop Coordinator's first priority is attending to the needs of the classroom, which requires:

  • communicating directly with the Artist instructor and the 20 students starting 2 months before the Workshop in January
  • assembling pre-workshop materials and instructions and disseminating information to all participants
  • setting up the classroom at the start and end of each day
  • preparing coffee and organizing snacks
  • organizing daily lunch period
  • facilitating participant introductions at outset of the Workshop
  • familiarizing participants with safety exits, masking requirement, and classroom-comportment protocols
  • assisting the Artist-Instructor as required, e.g., refreshing Artist's water, timekeeping, driving the projection camera to ensure Instructor's work is visible to the class
  • monitoring the classroom, identifying real-time needs and taking corrective actions
  • maintaining order and enforcing students' adherence to safety, masking and comportment protocols 
  • gathering student and Instructor feedback
  • preparing a post-Workshop report for the Board of Directors.

Skills, knowledge and experience required:

  • membership in WAS-H 
  • proficiency in planning and organizing
  • proficiency in spoken and written communications
  • proven leadership
  • willingness and ability to enforce rules and regulations
  • completion of WAS-H's Class Monitor training or willingness to learn
  • familiarity with operating classroom A/V equipment or willingness to learn.

Experience from having attended a Major Workshop is desirable.

If you are interested in being the Workshop Coordinator, please contact Donna Van Fleet at

*The complimentary seat has a $550 value which the IRS regards as a taxable form of compensation, and WAS-H will provide the Workshop Coordinator with a 1099 Form for tax purposes.  

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