Winner’s Words: May 2022 Gallery Show

May 20, 2022 11:39 AM | Nancy Moody (Administrator)

Each month, the winners are asked to share a few words about their experiences associated with their paintings. Below, we present what they shared.

First Place – Harris County Courthouse by IRENE SHEYTMAN

I am inspired by works of M. C. Escher, his unusual perspective, multiple vanishing points, and views that cannot exist. The Harris County Courthouse of neo-classical design, topped by rotunda and dome, looks like a good subject for experiment with extreme viewpoint. Also, I was trying to stay away from the true colors of façade and reduce the bombastic view of the colonnade with multiple colors. I am glad WAS-H choose such a wonderful theme for this show; it helped me to learn more about the city we all live in and love. 

Second Place – The Heights Iconic Houses by LARRY SPITZBERG

Buildings are challenging to me because they require straight lines, drawing skills and use of perspective. I have none of those skills but, as long as the interpretation can be artistic, I can throw on color and compose a scene. The Victorian Heights houses are picturesque and charming with columns and scroll work and picket fences. This arrangement of neighboring houses pleased my eye with all the additional greenery surrounding them. 

Third Place – Tallest Building West of Mississippi, 1963 by DIANN ZIMMERMAN

This building has significant meaning to me.   My dad was one of the architects who worked on the Humble Building.  He started working on it before I was born, and construction was completed when I was 4.   He was proud of working on such a state-of-the-art building.  Each floor has a 7-foot shade (ledge) which helps to provide shade from the sun, reducing energy costs.  It was the tallest building west of the Mississippi until 1965.   In the architectural world, it was a big deal.   Of all the skyscrapers my dad worked on, this was his favorite.  

Honorable Mention – City Hall by Mansueto Fabugais

I painted using transparent watercolor medium with a technique of applying colors and tones from light to dark.  I began using wet in wet technique and then dry brush for the details.  I choose the front-side angle view so that I could apply the two points perspective with all vertical lines perpendicular so that there are only two vanishing points, the left and the right.  The trees in the foreground add beauty to the scene, and the details of the street attract, but I did not overdo it, so as not to obstruct the main focus which is the building.  The light and dark tones contrastand shape the structure's cubical form. This building is a Renaissance architecture design.  My style of painting combines realism, impressionism and fauvism.  

Honorable Mention – Greenway Plaza Sunset by Nan Wright

The Greenway Plaza Sunset was inspired by a photo I took one evening from a friend's condo.  They get this view often!  I actually painted it SIX times before I thought it was acceptable for WAS-H.

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