An open call for art from ArtistBoat in Galveston

April 20, 2022 11:49 AM | Ksenia Annis


Dear Watercolor Art Society Houston,

ArtistBoat is using painting competition to draw attention to and prevent pollution on Galveston Beaches.  We are particularly fond of watercolor since we teach all our students and public participants how to make a watercolor painting while out on the wetlands of Galveston Bay on a kayak adventure.  And we serve all ages. 

Beautify the Bucket, a painting competition, gives artists opportunity to take an active role beautifying Galveston Beaches and improving stewardship behaviors. The competition: paint a blue barrel based on a theme: ocean organisms, eliminating marine debris, coastal and marine ecosystems, or Galveston recreational activities.  The barrel is destined for Galveston Beaches where, after the competition, they will be added to for visitors to enjoy and to encourage proper disposal of one’s trash to reduce aquatic pollution.

Registration is open until May 8, 2022

Entries are due to be turned in by June 1st.

Come to Artist Boat and get your barrel today!

During Artist Boat World Ocean Day Festival, barrels are on display for the public; event judges select a winner from each category.  World Ocean Day: Saturday, June 4, 11 to 4:30 at East Beach, Galveston.

Chelby King

ArtistBoat’s Beautify The Bucket

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