Winner's Words: December 2021 Gallery Show

December 14, 2021 2:55 PM | Ksenia Annis

Each month, the winners are asked to share a few words about their experiences associated with their paintings. Below, we present what they shared.

First Place – Shadow-Multicolored Calico by Zahid Shaikh

Just like human portraits, the most challenging aspect of painting pet portraits is getting the eyes right. The eyes are what makes the subject alive, which is why I always start painting the eyes first. "Shadow" was my second attempt because I didn't get the eyes just right the first time!

Third Place – Snow Overnight by Nan Wright

Snow Overnight was a somewhat serendipitous piece.   Did you ever paint a picture and only like one part of it?   That’s what happened here.  I cut out and matted only the part that spoke to me!!   I love the serenity of snow.

Second Place – Winter Blues by Darlene Dittoe

I just love to paint trees, especially aspen and birch. I also love Tonalist and limited palette work.  Thus, Winter Blues.  

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