Winner's Words: September 2021 Gallery Show

September 16, 2021 8:06 PM | Ksenia Annis

Each month, the winners are asked to share a few words about their experiences associated with their paintings. Below, we present what they shared:

Second Place – The End by Lynda Jung

I often paint on Yupo and love that its gifts are often unexpected. I am always surprised to see what happens as I apply and try to guide the paint, but it flows and mixes on its own on the painting. Images sometimes are added and hidden, and the unexpected end results is a rewarding gift as I set the painting aside to dry. Come join me in my December workshop for more surprises using Yupo.  Lynda Jung

Honorable Mention – Up from the Depths by Mike Doan

We always hear that watercolor painting sometimes produces “happy accidents”. The happy accident of Up from the depths started in March 2020 just after WAS-H shut down, and Open Studio meetings ended.  Diane Cox sent me a link to a YouTube video by Lena Gemzoe.  Then, fast forward to July 2021, and Open Studio has started up again and Susan Giesecke was experimenting with a technique she saw in a YouTube video by Scott Swinson – who mentions Lena on his video.  The technique was using only paper (no rougher than hot press), water (and spray bottle), watercolors, and a flexible plastic card.  Wet your paper, load your card with watercolor, and swipe it on. Tilt the paper to let the colors run and maybe spritz it a bit. Sometimes it works and sometimes it ends up being “mud”, but this one worked for me.

Honorable Mention – Pestled Pine by Nan Wright

I am fortunate to live almost half of the year in Winter Park, Colorado.  Lodgepole pines were decimated in the last decade by the Pine Beetle.  These dead stands of trees are now fuel for forest fires.  Fire is a mixed blessing because the cones are closed tight with resin that melts during a fire and releases seeds that have been stored for years.

I wanted to pay homage to the new pines and pounding the oils from their needles was a heady experience!  (The house smelled great!)  It was fun to have my watercolor brush dance with the transferred color of the needles and to paint in those pine cones for future forests.

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