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Ongoing Watercolor Opportunities

Calling All Plein-Air Painters: Make Note of the WAS-H Paint-Outs

Paint-outs are all day Saturday plein-air painting events happening as planned. These occasional trips afford an opportunity to paint on location and interact with other painters and members of WAS-H. Many of the trips are in and around the central part of Houston, and some are in out of town locations such as Galveston, Chappell Hill and other drives under 2 hours away. Paint-outs are a great way to sharpen painting from life skills, to meet other watercolorists and most of all to have fun!

Paint-outs will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month in the Spring, usually from 9 am to 3 pm. We are hoping that by having a schedule posted it will reserve a spot on your calendar to join in. Check back here for any updates. As we have more details for a paint-out, including directions, it will be posted here. Contact Mary Rustay, our paint-out coordinator extraordinaire for more information.

June 3, 2017: Nelson Water Gardens
Here is the information from Mary Rustay, our Paint Out Chair: There will be an opportunity to PAINT OUT ON LOCATION ON JUNE 3, 9 AM—3 PM (FIRST Saturday in June) at the Nelson Water Gardens in Katy, 1502 Katy fort Bend Road, Katy, TX  77493. It is a unique and paintable location with big containers of KOI FISH, Lily Pads, Reflections of the fish and lily pad, etc. in the water tanks, and  fountains, etc. Let me know if you are interested in attending and painting with us this photogenic and paintable spot! Directions can be obtained on the internet or call me. Bring your lunch and gear. When you set up to paint, try to leave the aisles passable for customers who may have carts of things they are buying and need to be able to get through to complete their shopping. Please let me know if you plan to attend so I can watch for you and so I can give them an idea of how many are coming.

Past WAS-H Paint-Outs

Check out some of the fun places WAS-H members have recently met to paint outside. Contact Mary Rustay, our paint-out coordinator extraordinaire for more information, suggestions and requests.

January 16, 2016 : Rice University Quadrangle

February 20, 2016:  Houston Landmark Cinema

March 5, 2016: Pirate's Beach West in Galveston

April 16, 2016: Country Farm in Iola, Texas

May 28, 2016: Commerce Towers
September 24, 2016:  Downtown Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge
October 22, 2016: Canino's Farmers Market
November 19, 2016: Houston Arboretum
March 18, 2017: Lillian Farms B&B
April 28-30: Rockport Texas

What do I Bring to a Paint Out?

The short answer is whatever you need to paint. Here is a suggested list to get you started on packing your plein-air painting kit.

  • Folding stool or chair to sit on
  • Easel, stool or chair for board
  • Board, clips or tape and paper or a watercolor block
  • Favorite paints and portable palette
  • Brushes
  • Water and container for painting
  • Paper towels or tissues
  • Rolling, folding metal cart to tote
  • Sketchbook and pencils and erasers
  • Camera or cell phone camera
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Lunch or snack and drinks
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Large umbrella for shade

TIP: Take lots of photos for reference, especially as lighting changes. The photos may be as important as the painting as they allow you to complete the paint- ing at home if necessary, or start over with lots of fresh material for future paintings.

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