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Outreach Programs

Community outreach activities are central to Watercolor Art Society-Houston's mission. The volunteer opportunities are diverse - members judge and volunteer for exhibitions, performance demonstrations and instruction in schools, colleges, hospitals and community centers. WAS-H is proud of several of the long-term programs that have been implemented, notably the Senior Art Class, the HSPVA scholarship and participation in the Arts in Medicine program at Texas Children's Hospital.

Arts in Medicine Volunteers

WAS-H’s Outreach Program offers volunteers the opportunity to participate in the lives of the unfortunate. Almost every Tuesday morning, WAS-H volunteers go to the Clinical Care Center of Texas Children’s Hospital to introduce the joy of watercolor to children waiting for their cancer treatments. The children become absorbed in the process of painting, a welcome diversion during a difficult time in their lives.

WAS-H has been participating in the Arts in Medicine Program (AIM) of Texas Children’s Hospital longer than any other organization. We welcome new volunteers to this very meaningful program. Please consider giving of your time to help these children and their families. You will find it rewarding. Contact our Outreach Director if you would like more information.

A new experience for children and volunteers at the children's tables at Texas Children's Hospital

Art Class for Seniors

WAS-H has sponsored a free art class for Seniors for over twenty years. This relaxed class welcomes all levels of senior students who wish to paint from a provided still life or from photographs of landscape, seascape, architectural and floral subjects. The classes are Thursday mornings, September through May. Contact Mary Rustay, program director and instructor.


Senior class student with instructor Mary Rustay, enjoying a morning or watercolor painting.


One HSPVA Senior and two Juniors Win 10th Annual WAS-H Scholarships

Celebrating 10 years of giving to the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), WAS-H has awarded HSPVA gradating senior Maia Revells, and two juniors, Madeleine Mami Coz and Beatrice Mayadas annual scholarships.

Maia Revells has been accepted into multiple California art programs for Game Design and Digital Media and plans to become a game concept artist.

“I dreamt of entering the game-art industry.” Maia said. “I want to use the interactive media platform to show the way narratives can open up an entirely new world for immersion and expression. By giving the player a place in my story, I’ll work with fellow artists and collaborate with writers to create characters and worlds that allow people to escape from the everyday; to take risks, fulfill genuine human needs, and teach and inspire them in ways that reality is not able to on a daily basis. Stories bring us together, engage us, and allow us to make hard decisions. They help us grow and connect to others around the world. I have created many different narratives. I have indulged in my childhood amazement with space and the cosmos.”

Madeleine Coz and Beatrice Mayadas were selected from a jurying process based on submission from their Spring Portfolio this year. Caroline Graham, watercolor artist, teacher, and WAS-H member, helped jury their show. Their artwork is playful; their creations draw upon memories from youth and represent how they are affected by it today.

I plan to use your generous donation as funding towards art programs this summer that will help me grow further as an artist, helping me succeed in the upcoming year and future endeavors.” Beatrice said. In my artwork, “…by recreating my childhood past, I want to give my audience a window into my personal life, to give them another perspective of being a child again through my unconventional childhood.”

Madeleine said, “[I am inspired] by memories of the past – our times in elementary school, with family, with friends, with ourselves, building to replicate the playfulness of children’s books, referencing to not only mine and my peers’ experiences as children but those of the children of today.”

The WAS-H is honored to celebrate the talent, passion, and skill of these young artists.

Maia, Beatrice, and Madeleine, we wish you all the best in college and your future careers!

And More...

  • WAS-H has been sponsoring two young artists from HSPVA at each monthly Paint-In. This one day class is an excellent opportunity to introduce high school students to a variety of watercolor techniques in an nurturing setting in our classroom. The students enjoy the opportunity and the WAS-H members benefit from the young, creative energy they bring to the class.
  • Haley Bowen, WAS-H Development Director has been volunteering once a month at The Beacon Downtown, a homeless services nonprofit teaching art classes. Bowen says the classes are suited to all individuals, and are a way for students to decompress, find a quiet space, and socialize. 
  • WAS-H has partnered with Poe Elementary, An Arts Magnet School and volunteers visited the campus for three years in a row, working with children in grades K-1-2 at during Career Week. The children were inspired by working, local artists, and WAS-H members enjoyed teaching! 


Email khaleybowen@gmail.com for partnerships, events, collaborations, opportunities! 

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