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How can I join?

You can join on-line, in person, or by mail. 

How long is my membership good for?

The membership year is June 1 through May 31. A WAS-H membership is good until June 1 of the following year if you pay the dues in April or May. All memberships expire on May 31 each year, unless renewed.

What if I join in the middle of the year?
You can join WAS-H at any time during the year, but WAS-H does not offer a partial year membership. The membership will need to be renewed for the upcoming membership year of June 1 through May 31.

Is my renewal automatic?
No, everyone who is a current member gets a renewal notice by email or mail in April before their membership expires. Unless we receive payment, memberships expire on May 31.

Can I get a student membership?

We offer a Junior Membership for individuals ages 16 - 25 regardless of student status.

When do I receive my Membership Directory?

An online directory is available those paid members who set up their log in.

Click HERE to read the WAS-H By-Laws and Policies from the printed directory.

WAS-H collects email addresses from those that create online user accounts, join as a member, register for events, subscribe to emails, and otherwise request to be added to our contact list. WAS-H may use your email address to send you emails from WAS-H, including event emails, membership relevant notices, or email newsletters. All such emails include an unsubscribe link that you may use to remove your email address from the list. WAS-H does not engage in email marketing for our members or distributing messages at the request of members. WAS-H does not distribute email addresses to third parties.

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