20-in-20 Challenge Gallery

90 photo(s) Updated on: May 22, 2020
  • Alli, Chaitanya “Peaches”
  • Alli, Chaitanya “Hibiscus 5”
  • Alli, Chaitanya “My New Friend Lately”
  • Alli, Chaitanya "Can't Wait for Summer"
  • Alli, Chaitanya “Hibiscus 6”
  • Alli, Chaitanya “Peaches”
  • Alli, Chaitanya “I wish I could be there”
  • Capper, K.“New Worlds Dawning”
  • Capper, K.“Thru it Together”
  • Capper, K. “Texas Terrain”
  • Capper, K. “Call for A New Day”
  • Capper, K. “Rainy Walk on St. Martin”
  • Capper, K. “Rue, Again”
  • Capper, K. “Respite”
  • Church, K. “Tulips”
  • Church, K. “ Favorite Walk through Central Park”
  • Church, K. “On the Road to The Monastery”
  • Garcia, BethAnne “Sweetgum”
  • Garcia, BethAnne “Spring Buds from The East End”
  • Green, H.” Pink Nest’
  • Jasminejanelle_collexion “Untitled”
  • Jasminejanelle_collexion “Untitled”
  • Jasminejanelle_collexion “Untitled”
  • Jasminejanelle_collexion “Untitled"
  • Jasminejanelle_collexion “Untitled”
  • Jasminejanelle_collexion “Untitled”
  • Joseph, Carolyn “Untitled 1”
  • Joseph, Carolyn " Untitled 2'
  • Joseph, Carolyn “Untitled 3”
  • Joseph, Carolyn “Untitled 4"
  • Joseph, Carolyn “Untitled 5”
  • Joseph, Carolyn "Untitled 6"
  • Joseph, Carolyn “Untitled 7”
  • Leena_shanbag “Dreaming of Being in a Field of Hollyhocks”
  • Leena_shanbag “Garden Dreams"
  • Leena_shanbag “Irises”
  • Littlehopgal “Cacti”
  • Littlehopgal “Mediterranean terrain”
  • Lucy W. Riggs “Saint-Sainz, Aquarium”
  • Lucy W. Riggs “Ants”
  • Lucy W. Riggs “Crescendo”
  • Lucy W. Riggs "Shell for Kristi
  • Lucy W. Riggs “Six Poses”
  • Lucy W. Riggs “Gethsemane”
  • Lucy W. Riggs “My Own Earth Day”
  • Manish, Neelu “Dreaming”
  • Manish, Neelu “Song of Light 2”
  • Manish, Neelu “Lilies in Pond”
  • Manish, Neelu “Pink Rose”
  • Manish, Neelu “Red Roses”
  • Manish, Neelu “Sunset Somewhere”
  • oakberrystudios “Cats of Puerta Vallarta”
  • oakberrystudios “Bookworm”
  • Reilly, A. “The Backyard Jungle’
  • Reilly, A. “Crawdaddy”
  • Reilly, A.“Fancy Dancer”
  • Reilly, A. “Henna”
  • Reilly, A. “Juvenile Copperhead”
  • Reilly, A. “Peach Blossom"
  • Reilly, A. “The Empty Tomb”
  • Renee, K. “E is for Easter Lily”
  • Renee, K. “B is for Beach”
  • Renee, K. “Untitled”
  • Renee, K. “Backyard Scene”
  • Renee, K. “F is for Footware”
  • Renee, K. "Peaches"
  • Sara_thompson_studio “I Love Washington”
  • Sara_thompson_studio “Forest”
  • Sara_thompson_studio “Flowers” Rise Series
  • Sara_thompson_studio “Night”
  • Sara_thompson_studio “One Blue Window”
  • Sara_thompson_studio “The Emerald City, Seattle”
  • Sara_thompson_studio “Lucy”
  • Stopnicki, K “Hydrangeas at Lunch”
  • Stopnicki, K. “Bubbles Again”
  • Stopnicki, K. “Hydrangea”
  • Stopnicki, K. “A Quiet Spot"
  • Stopnicki, K. “Love in NYC”
  • Stopnicki, K. “Central Park”
  • Stopnicki, K. “Bandolier”
  • Vios, Richie “ Frontliner, Nurses”
  • Vios, Richie “Law Enforcement Frontliners”
  • Vios, Richie “Frontliner (Husband and Wife Doctors on Duty)”
  • Wright, N. “Flower Card, 1”
  • Wright, N. “Lilac Perfume"
  • Wright, N. Crabby”
  • Wright, N. “Little Bird”
  • Wright, N. “Gladiolas"
  • Wright, N. “Little Pot of Lavender"
  • Wright, N. “Hydrangeas”

WASH, Art on Almeda and True Craft Market challenge you to complete 20 paintings in any 20 days during the month of April 2020. 

Post your 20 paintings to either Facebook or Instagram and tag @wash_houston, @artsupplyonalmeda and @truecraftmarket by April 30, 2020. Everyone who enters and completes the challenge will receive a coupon from @artsupplyonalmeda for 25% off their next pickup purchase 

and have their artwork featured on our social media sites. The first 4 people to complete the challenge will receive a $25 gift certificate to @truecraftmarket.

Thank you for playing and helping our community cope with Covid19, by staying creative and connected from a safe distance. 

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